Pre Booking
Q.  If travelling abroad, how will I know about health requirements and visas for my destination country?
Satisfaction Travel & Tourswill advise you when making a booking whether there are any health requirements necessary as well as providing you with all the information necessary for obtaining the various visas. You may also contact the Netcare Travel Clinics for more health information concerning your destination. Netcare Travel Clinics can help you with all your travel health requirements.
Q.  How long does my passport need to be valid for in order to travel abroad?
Your passport needs to be valid for at least 6 months upon your return to South Africa. In addition to this it is imperative that you have at least 2 blank pages in your passport when arriving at passport control anywhere in the world. The consequences of not complying with the above are;  a) You could be denied entry to the country that you will be visiting. b) You could be sent back to your port of departure on the next flight.

Bookings & Ticketing
Q.  What information will you need when I make a booking?
We will need the passengerís full name as it appears in their passport, your contact details and if it is an international trip what kind of passport the passenger travels on in order for us to establish whether or not they will require a visa.
Q.  When do I have to pay for my air ticket?
The airlines set rules as to when the latest time a ticket must be issued after a booking has been made with which we must comply. Every airline and every fare has a different rule If we do confirm the booking and commit payment by the deadline set by a respective airline, the fare is automatically cancelled by the reservation system and we would have to rebook the flights if possible. You may lose the fare originally quoted and your seats if the flight is full!
Q.  Am I able to book my seats prior to departure?
Most airlines allow passengers and travel agents to pre-seat their clients, however, this is never guaranteed. Should there be an aircraft change or should the flights be re-scheduled, this information is discarded, and you are therefore never guaranteed of the seats reserved.
Q.  Can I change my flights or cancel once my ticket has been issued?
Once again each airline has their own rules with regards to flight changes or cancellations. We advise you to always check what penalties there may be on the specific ticket you are purchasing.
Q.  What happens to my air ticket if I did not fly for an unforeseen reason?
Depending on the rules of the ticket and the fare we would either hand it in for refund or you would be able to make use of it at a later stage.

Preparing for your flight
Q.  What is the usual baggage allowance for economy class?
Q.  How do I travel with my golf clubs or other unusual items?
These items are treated as normal check-in luggage and therefore form part of your baggage allowance. Always ensure that your items are correctly packaged.
Q.  How long do I need to be at the airport prior to departure?
For domestic flights - one hour before departure and between two and three hours for international departures.
Q.  What items should I register with the South African customs authority when I leave?
Items such as jewellery (gold, diamonds etc.), cameras, watches, etc., should be registered at customs for re-importation so in the event that you are suspected of evading duties you do not run into any problems.

While you are travelling
Q.  What happens if I fall ill or I am injured while travelling?
If you pay for your air ticket by credit card, you are automatically covered by standard insurance. Some credit card companies provide you with the option to purchase top up cover. Alternatively if you elect to pay your air ticket by cash, Satisfaction Travel & Tourscan offer you a fully comprehensive travel insurance policy.
Q.  If I need to hire a car abroad, can I use my South African driver's licence?
The Automobile Association highly recommend that you get an International Driving Permit from them and take it with you abroad. Click here to visit the AA's website for further information.