South African Customs Allowances upon your return from abroad.
Q.  What do I need to know?
Duty-Free Allowances -
Cigarettes: 200,
Cigars: 20,
Cigarette or pipe tobacco: 250g,
Wine: 2 litre,
Spirituous or other alcoholic beverages: 1 litre,
Perfume: 50ml,
Toilete water: 250ml,
Gifts, souvenirs and all other goods: R3000.00

A person under 18 is not entitled to tobacco, cigarettes or drinks allowances.

Currency control

S.A. Bank notes in excess of R5,000.00 will not be allowed back.
Flat Rate Assessment
You may elect to pay duty at a flat rate of 20% on goods up to a value of R12 000 over and above your duty-free allowances.

The following goods are fully dutiable:
Firearms, where absence from the Republic is less than six months.
Consumable goods of the same type but in excess of the quantity mentioned above
Goods for commercial purposes and goods carried on behalf of other persons.

Coming through Customs
Green Channel Only if you have no more than the duty free customs allowance, no goods for commercial purposes, no prohibited or restricted goods and no goods on behalf of others.

Customs charges
You will have to pay duty on any items which are over the limits.

SAA Voyager Questions
Q.  Can I use Voyager miles for a one way journey?
Yes you can, but Voyager will still deduct 20 000 miles from you account as they do not have one way mileage option..
Q.  Can I earn miles on my voyager number if my friends/ family members travel?
A Voyager member is able to earn miles in the following ways:
1.By making use of any Voyager partner such as other airlines, hotels, car rental companies, retail, financial services restaurants and telecommunication providers.
2.By travelling on SAA or any other code-share flight with SAA. The member of the Voyager programme needs to travel him/her and this is the only way to obtain miles, by travelling.

You are however able to donate your miles earned to a friend or family member.